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shut up or be sued

The libel law is now used by those in power as a tool for reression.  It’s most avid supporter would probably be the First Gentleman himself who, at the last count, filed 15 libel suits against 47 newspaper reporters, columnists, editors and publishers.  Evidently, those in power have chosen the libel law as their weapon of choice to scare off reporters and journalists who write or publish items they “disagree” with. Since this is evidently the case, I’m all for decriminilazing the libel law since I believe that it has lost its real purpose.

Going back to Arroyo… I mean, look at all libel cases he filed. Someone writes about anything negative—from his “shady” dealings to his weight—and he sues. He claims to be a private citizen (which, I believe, is a stupid defense) and seems to forget the fact that he is MARRIED to the president. He obviously doesn’t file the cases because he wants justice served; he files them because he CAN.

So he did.

To prevent the first gentleman and the likes of him from using the libel law as a scare tactic against journalists, the law should be abolished or AT LEAST re-written to prevent such misuse and abuse. Although there are journalists who, in their arrogance, believe that they’re a power in themselves, I believe that this is the lesser of the two evils. I’d rather have an unrepressed media than a restricted one. A responsible media that can write, report or publish whatever it deems the public should know without fear of any repercussions.

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