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here’s to another star-studded election

Malapit na naman ang election. Ramdam nyo na ba?

I know I’m not the only one aware of the number of actors who already voiced their desire to run in the coming elections (among them are Richard Gomez and–brace yourself–ARA MINA).  Don’t know why some people are still surprised. Shouldn’t we be used to this by now?

Actors running for public office shouldn’t be a big deal if they’re competent enough to handle their positions.  To be fair, there are some celebrities-slash-politicians who reportedly performed well (sabi nila si Vilma Santos daw ok na mayor sa Lipa) while there are those who shouldn’t even have thought of running in the first place (this list is longer). 

It is a common misconception that celebrities who run for public office usually win. There were quite a number of actors/actresses who ran in the last elections and did not win (Philip Salvador, Joey Marquez…) but there were arguably more of them who actually made it (Bong Revilla Jr., Lito Lapid, Jinggoy Estrada….).

This has been said before: VOTERS need to be EDUCATED.  They should be made to realize that there is a BIG difference between being a mayor and being a senator. An administrative job is different from one that entails you to MAKE laws. Ano ba ginagawa ng mga Councilor at Kongresista? Magpatayo ng waiting sheds at basketball courts? Mag-ninong o mag-ninang sa mga kasal at binyag? Sana diba alam ng mga tao kung ano ang mga magiging tungkulin ng mga iboboto nila para mas masusi nilang tingnan yung mga credentials ng mga tatakbo.

I also think that the law should be revised. Based on the constitution, any juan sa kanto can run for any position (even for the Presidency!) if he’s the right age and can prove that he’s Filipino. (I can’t remember the exact provision but it’s generally like that).

I’m speaking for celebrities and non-celebrities alike–the only advantage celebrities have is their popularity to the masses. Competence-wise, I think it would be unfair to belittle them because they happen to be actors/actresses (we have incompetent politicians who were never actors anyway). We hope that as early as now, the voters would get the information they need to make informed decisions by May.

Pero wag na nating asahan na sa gobyerno pa manggagaling ito…It pains me to admit that there are those in power who would rather that the people remain ignorant. Hooray for democracy.  😛

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