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Goma Says A Lot More Than Goodbye in S-Files

(I’ve been trying to finish this entry all week last week but just couldn’t find the time! It’s outdated but still…)

It’s final. Richard Gomez is running for a seat in the senate as an independent candidate. He announced this himself before the end of S-Files on Sunday, February 11. The last segment of the program was devoted entirely to Goma. The first part showed a farewell vtr (complete with dramatic musical scoring) that depicted him as a good host and that he will be missed by the show. At the end of the VTR, Richard was given the floor.

Watching the video would probably make it hard for some to doubt his sincerity. He appealed to the jaded consciousness of the masses who are tired of traditional politicians and those who are seeking more idealistic and “fresh” candidates who have, in Richard’s terms, “walang bahid ng pulitika.” The framing of the camera added to mood of the message; it almost never strayed away from a close-up of Richard’s face.

Although the initial VTR focused on his hosting stint in S-Files around 95% of the time, his “farewell speech” was obviously a call for votes. He enumerated his “credentials” (which includes his citation from the University of the Philippines and his numerous acting and athletic awards) and his motives for running. He also made it a point to mention that he used to work for a fast-food joint before he got discovered. His delivery was emotional and even I was hooked.The COMELEC already issued the rules and regulations during the campaign period but celebrities like Richard have an unfair advantage. Since the campaign period started after the last day of the filing of COC’s, Richard may say in his defense that his statements weren’t actually a form of campaign but rather a farewell message to his fans. The blatant announcement of his intentions to run for public office, the enumeration of his credentials and the obvious plea for support from the masses may not be considered campaigning because it happened before the official campaign period. Um… ok… that’s a bit of an oxymoron now isn’t it?

Shouldn’t the COMELEC have enforced stricter rules in campaigning before the campaign period? Talk about unfair advantage. Richard wasn’t the only one doing it. There was Tito Sotto who also said his farewell to Eat Bulaga; the “advocacy ads” of Manny Villar and Zubiri; the “Lucky Me” commercial Kiko Pangilinan did with his wife; the very unforgettable Christmas message from Ralph Recto and his showbiz family (didn’t I say Ko-Recto was going to be his campaign slogan?). There was also Angara with his “Ang Gara ng Buhay” series which were obviously campaign ads.

I went over to the Comelec website and tried to look for a rule or a resolution regarding campaigns. Stumbled on the Comelec’s calendar of activities and below are the activities prohibited within the months of January and February:

“Alteration of territory of a precinct or establishment of a new precinct (Sec. 5, RA 8189);

Bearing, carrying or transporting firearms or other deadly weapons in public places, including any building, street, park, private vehicle or public conveyance, even if licensed to possess or carry the same, unless authorized in writing by the Commission (Sec. 261 (p) (q) (s), OEC as amended by Sec. 32, RA 7166).

Suspension of elective local officials (Sec. 261 (x), OEC)

Transfer of officers and employees in the civil service (Sec. 261 (h), OEC)

Organization or maintenance of reaction forces, strike forces or other similar forces (sec. 261 (u), OEC).

Use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates, whether or not such bodyguards are regular members of the AFP or PNP or other law enforcement agency (Sec. 261 (t), OEC, as amended by Sec. 33, RA 7166).

Giving of donations or gift in cash or in kind, etc. (Sec. 104, OEC)

Use of armored land, water or aircraft (Sec. 261 (r), OEC)

Appointment or use of special policemen, special/confidential agents or the like (Sec. 261 (m), OEC)”

Hmmm… nothing that said anything like “Thou shalt campaign only within the campaign period.”

I will take another look later when I have more time. Meanwhile, let’s just forget that the circus really came to town a lot earlier than we expected.

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  1. February 21, 2007 at 7:12 am

    Just a footnote: in a very sudden turn of events, Cesar Montano will now be running as senator under the administration’s party. What happened to de Venecia’s statements regarding NOT getting actors for their roster? Que sera sera!

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