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Happy Birthday to me!!!

I just turned 27 yesterday and I feel great! Spent my birthday with family, my boyfriend and my brother’s girl who is also a February celebrant (her birthday’s today, the 27th.)

Original plan: we previously decided on an Italian restaurant near our home but when my boyfriend and I decided to check out an indie flick at Ortigas, we decided to have the birthday dinner there instead (note: I hope you guys were able to check out IMAHE NASYON at Robinson’s Galleria). We switched from Italian to Chinese food at the last minute.

My thanks to Super Bowl, SM Megamall… The staff were really nice and they even gave me something for my birthday. Thanks to everyone who remembered and took the time to greet me through phone calls, text messages, emails and friendster! Special mention to my best friend who came back all the way to Singapore and for my college buddy for the impromptu pre-birthday lunch. Thanks for the bags, the make-up, the clothes and that really great book (thanks Dad!). I love them all!

Thank you God for giving me another great year! Here’s to another extremely fabulous year ahead! CHEERS! 🙂

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