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Notes on another Kris Aquino headliner

Startalk and Lolit Solis are being criticized for airing the “Hope” interview last weekend where the alleged “other woman” gave a detailed account of her “affair” with James Yap.  Kris mentioned that she and her husband were already having marital problems the previous Sunday on The Buzz but she did not mention specifics (rumors about the “problem” have been circulating in the tabloids prior to this). In her interview with Korina Sanchez following the Startalk exclusive, she voiced her dismay over Hope’s interview and her outrage at the people who aired the said interview; adding that it was an obvious ploy to discredit and destroy her reputation.

As in most cases concerning the entertainment media, ethical questions are raised– was it right for Startalk to feature the interview on Hope? Some may argue that Startalk only aired the side of the “other woman” since Kris (being Kris Aquino) has ample resources to air her own version of the events.  They did not force Hope to agree to the interview and they even took the time and the effort to get statements from Hope’s co-workers and friends who actually refuted most if not all of her claims.

From a business standpoint, Startalk made the only obvious decision.  That particular episode enjoyed high ratings specially if we consider how the interview was presented; the interview was divided into three parts (the fourth part featured the friends and the co-workers) scattered into the different program segments to make sure that the viewers stay tuned.

ABS-CBN joined in but with a more careful, “helpful” approach considering that Kris Aquino is one of their biggest talents.  They were succesful in portraying Kris as the bewildered, emotional and fragile mother-to-be; a victim of very unfortunate circumstances.

Both TV stations benefitted from Kris Aquino’s marital problems.  They handled the story differently but the coverage has been tireless for the past couple of weeks.  It’s a given fact that in the local television industry, what rates wins over what is socially relevant .  And right now, inspite of the coming elections and the furor over the results of the MELO commission, it is obvious that Filipinos are more concerned with Kris Aquino than anything else.

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