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Six years ago…

I’m a sucker for surveys. While checking on my friendster account, I stumbled on this one and just couldn’t resist answering it. It’s quite timely considering that I just got a year older a few days ago.

Year 2001
How old were you?
> 21

Where did you go to school?
> UP Diliman, College of Mass Communication. I graduated in April.

Where did you work?
> I was a post production assistant for a small production company which co-produced a Singaporean TV series called Paradise. But when my contract finished, I got a job at the Manolo M. Lopez Development Center (the same Lopez who owns Meralco) as an “Education Technologist”. I wrote, directed and edited several corporate videos for both MMLDC and Meralco. The pay sucked.

Where did you live?
> Antipolo

Where did you hang out?
> UP and Tomas Morato area. Road Runner (the post production house we hired for the show) is located in T. Morato. But when I started working for MMLDC, I started hanging out in Ortigas area.

How was your hair style?
> Boy’s cut; very short.

Did you wear braces?
> No.

Did you wear glasses?
> Yes.

Who is your celebrity crush?
> Jet Li. I used to have this thing for macho-chinitos.

How many tattoos did you have?
> None.

How many piercings did you have?
> One on each ear.

What car did you drive?
> None.

What was your favorite band/group:
> Eraserheads

Worst fear?
> Getting mugged in Cubao–which actually happened! In broad daylight!

Gotten drunk?
> Yup. I was a pathetic drinker. I used to get drunk over two bottles of light beer.

Had you driven yet?
> Nope.

Had you been arrested?
> Not if you count that one time when I was caught jaywalking in Quezon Ave.

Had you been to a real party yet?
> Yup. I’m not a complete loser…

Had your heart broken?
> YES! Come to think of it, it happened that same year.

Year 2007
How old are you?
> 27

What grade are you in?
> M.A. student, technically in my 2nd year

> UP CMC pa rin (loyal!)

Where do you work?
> GMA Network, Inc.

Where do you live?
> Antipolo pa rin

Where do you hang out?
> T. Morato and UP… Weird how I gave the same answers. How the world turns… if you asked me this three years ago, my answer would have been different.

Do you have braces?
> None

Do you wear glasses?
> Sometimes

Still talk to any of your old friends?
> Yes! But not as often as I want to.

Who is your celebrity crush?
> Dennis Trillo and Clive Owen… Not particularly in that order.

How many piercings do you have?
> Three.

How many tattoos?
> None

What kind of car do you have?
> None. Don’t plan to buy one until I have kids. I mean, is it really practical? Gasoline prices are morbidly high.

What is your biggest fear?
> To get mugged in Cubao AGAIN!… and to die with regrets.

Have you gotten drunk?
> Yes, but only once after 2001. I went to this party a director-friend of mine threw and got drunk over a bottle of tequila (yes! a full bottle!) Since I discovered that I had beer allergies, the host very kindly provided the bottle of Jose Cuervo for my consumption. I vomited as soon as I got home.

Have you been arrested since if so how any times total?
> Nope. Been a good girl(!)

Has your heart been broken?
> Not since 2001. 🙂

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