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Beauty Queens

Margaret WilsonMargaret Wilson just won as Bb. Pilipinas World. I bet my friend a thousand bucks that Margaret will win one of the crowns. Too bad he backed out at the last minute. I need the money. šŸ˜›
Although I’m not a fan of beauty pageants, my interest was piqued when I found out that Margaret was among those who joined. I really think this girl’s pretty (I envy her really long legs!). She also looks a bit like Ruffa Gutierrez (who almost bagged the crown years and years ago) so hopefully she’ll have a better chance to win Ms. World (the Philippines has yet to win a crown from this particular pageant.) Yet, I was a little disappointed that she picked Alfred Vargas (one of the judges) who gave her a very simple, overused question: “What’s the one thing in this world that you can’t live without?” Margaret gave a good answer but I don’t think it really tested her enough. She should have picked the other tougher judges–like Ruffa or even Robin Padilla who, even in his baroque yet charming Tagalog, was able to give his candidate a hard time. I guess Alfred hasn’t seen enough beauty pageants to know that his question has been asked so many times already.

As I said, I’m not a fan of beauty pageants but I almost always watch the “question and answer” part. I’m one of the firm believers that yes, there are very beautiful women who have perfect bodies who also have brains (I know. Life’s not fair.) Most of the time, especially in the local pageants I’ve watched, the girls’ answers make me cringe. “Buti na lang maganda ka.” To my surprise, most of the girls who made it to the finals tonight gave sensible answers (although some of the judges’ questions, like Alfred’s, were not too original).

Have you ever noticed that they make the contestants wear swimsuits during this segment? What’s wearing a swimsuit got to do with answering a question right? I know someone out there would probably give me a logical reason but personally, I think there’s nothing logical about making a lady walk around a huge stage wearing practically nothing to answer ONE question. And it’s cold! Is that it? They make the candidates wear swimsuits just to torture them? As if standing in front of a huge number of people knowing that you’re being watched by millions of Filipinos all over the world (the pageant will be aired worldwide over Pinoy TV) isn’t enough.

There’s this other girl that I liked… Candidate #9 (I forgot her name…) who’s also a law student (Life’s REALLY NOT FAIR!!!). I think she’s the one who won the Bb. Pilipinas Universe title.

These are the girls who bag guys like Dennis Trillo, Aga Muhlach and that Turkish guy Bektas.

–But on second thought; these are also the same kind of girls who get married to guys who look like Marc Anthony. šŸ˜›

*Margaret’s picture grabbed from Philippine Entertainment Portal

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