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my discombobulated view on political ads

The main reason why the COMELEC lifted the ad ban in the first place was because political ads were seen as a way to properly inform the public about a candidate’s credentials and platform.  All I’ve seen are some bad scripts, bad acting and bad dancing. No platforms. 

Although I would be the first one to admit that most if not all of them are entertaining in their own weird and dysfuntional way.

But here are some reasons why in spite of their “entertainment value” I still want them banned altogether:

1) Seeing Loren Legarda almost every day. I REALLY DON’T LIKE HER. I guess she really took those performance classes in college to heart. I am bitter over the fact that I KNOW she’ll land a seat in the senate. People still haven’t learned. Sana hindi na lang sya tumakbo. Sana nagtanim na lang sya ng maraming puno. Di ba yun naman ang gusto nyang gawin? Sige na please, magtanim ka na lang. Tulungan pa kita.

2) “Pichay. Itanim sa Senado.” Enough said. Whoever thought of this slogan deserves a big slap across the face. What the f*** was he thinking?!? Or did he get this from Loren?

3) Manny Villar dancing. Please God make him stop!

4) Seeing Mike Defensor in braces…again…and again…and again. Kinikilabutan ako sa kanya promise! The ad’s production value (um…meron nga bang “value”?) is discombobulating.  Parang nag-usap lang silang mag-anak tapos biglaang naisipang “Tara, mag-shoot tayo. Doon sa madilim tapos tawagin natin mga kapitbahay natin para masaya.

5) Seeing the likes of Chavit Singson trying to worm his way to the Senate through Manny Pacquiao. Okay… I’m a fan of Manny but I’m not going to vote for someone like Chavit just because he supported Pacquiao. I. AM. NOT. THAT. STUPID!

Let’s just stop the circus.  Hopefully someone would organize a debate for all the candidates.  Let’s see who has the balls to face each other when asked about real issues. No dancing and hopefully minimal acting and bad scripts.

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