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Well… not quite… I still have 24 units to complete before I finally get my master’s degree but for the next two months, I’m free to enjoy quality time with family, friends, boyfriend and dog.  It’s been hectic dividing my time between work and school and I’m lucky enough that I’m surrounded by people who understand my selfish motivation to have it all…

I changed my mind about taking summer classes (was supposed to take 6 units of my social science electives this summer) but the courses offered for this summer didn’t pique my interest. I don’t feel like spending time or money on subjects I’m not really interested in.

Anyway, I submitted my final paper for my political economy class this afternoon.  I then decided to activate my UP webmail (yeba! hightech na talaga UP!) so I can register online for next semester.  I hiked to the Computer Center (I trudged from Masscom to this obscure building behind the College of Engineering) and in fairness, the guard was really nice (I’m still not used to the idea that UP now has a security guard posted at EVERY building). A couple of older and similarly nice ladies were also eager to help. They told me to go straight up to a room in the 3rd floor to have my UP webmail activated.  All in all, the process took me less than 3o minutes and after a few clicks, I had my new email address. But when I activated my UP email, this short message came on screen that told me that I needed to go to another building to activate my CRS account (this is the program UP uses for online registration).

So I obediently turned a corner and stepped into another building only to find out that the office was already closed and that I had to come back another day.

Question: Can’t UP device a way in which students can both activate their emails AND activate our CRS accounts at the same time? Is there really a need to go to ANOTHER BUILDING for the other transaction? (Lucky freshmen actually don’t need to go through this ordeal) Hindi maliit and UP at summer na ha! So although I promised myself to be more thrifty this month, I trudged the next few miles to Chocolate Kiss and ordered myself a glass of their famous iced tea and a plate of Chicken ala Kiev. Sira ang diet at ang budget but I was past caring. My legs were aching from the unscheduled exercise and I was literally sweating my make-up off.

Yes, there has been changes in my beloved university but the bureaucracy still exists. University transactions are still quite a work out.  😛

*By the way, I will be uploading a copy of my interview with Arnold Clavio soon (hopefully sometime tomorrow). Sorry for the delay but I’ve been unbelievably busy this last week.

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  1. Gina
    March 30, 2007 at 8:53 am

    naiintindihan kita…. huhuhu!

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