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Pangilinan, Cayetano and Singson on Forum2007

I was able to watch FORUM2007 on ABS-CBN last Tuesday night.  I think it’s a show especially produced for the May 2007 elections (correct me if I’m wrong).  The show invites candidates and a panel of interviewers will ask them questions about a specific topic/issue.  Last Tuesday, the main issue was corruption and the senatoriables invited were Kiko Pangilinan, Alan Peter Cayetano and (my favorite) Chavit Singson.  The panel was composed of Maria Ressa, Vincent Lazatin and Bishop Teodoro Bacani.  The panelists were given opportunities to ask questions while each of the candidates were given a minute and thirty seconds (1:30) to answer.

Among the three senatoriables, Kiko was the one who was able to present his arguments well.  He presented concrete plans regarding the state of corruption in the country.  Pangilinan said that the problem with corruption is rooted in the lack of conviction in our judicial department.  Conviction rate in the country is only a dismal 5% as of 2001.  As a solution, he would move towards the appointment of 149(?) judges/justices to help in the overwhelming caseload of our judiciary (I might have gotten the number wrong. I didn’t take notes.)  He would also move to increase the budget of the Ombudsman to speed up the hearing of corruption cases against government officials.

As expected, Cayetano did not fail to mention the prevalent corruption in GMA’s administration in every one of his statements. I felt that he wasted precious time in reiterating this. OK FINE! You made your point!  He didn’t really expound on his plans regarding the corruption in government.  To be fair though, I liked his argument regarding the prevailing “incentive” system in the government.  To prevent the “utang na loob” syndrome, Cayetano said that candidates should not accept any gifts or donations from any business or political groups.  Instead, he asks his “common” supporters to contribute amounts ranging from five to 5,000 pesos so he would be indebted to them and not to businessmen or other padrinos.

Chavit was certainly the most entertaining among the three.  Hay naku!If the 1:30 time limit did not seem enough for Cayetano and Pangilinan, kay Chavit sobra-sobra!  It was so obvious that he really didn’t have anything to say that it was kinda pathetic in the end.  To use a friend’s statement, nag-self destruct sya.  I laughed my socks off when he asked Maria Ressa to repeat her question twice.  Ressa simply asked if he could cite a particular event wherein he personally did something to protest the corruption in the country.  This was how it went:

Ressa asked the question.

Chavit obviously did not understand the question so he asked her to repeat it.

Ressa repeated the question.

Chavit still didn’t understand the question.

The male host repeats the question.

Chavit still doesn’t understand the question.

The host repeats the question–this time in Filipino.

Chavit finally answers. 😛

Needless to say, his answers were the least credible of the three.  He usually reiterated whatever Kiko said but he did not really defend his statements well.  For example, he said that he agreed with Kiko that there is a lack of conviction in the execution of the laws.  So does he have any plans on how to alleviate this problem?  Chavit said that he will make more laws in favor of those who are misrepresented by the law.  Ang labo! Bukod sa malabo mismo yung sagot, malabo din yung argument.  If there’s a problem with the execution of laws, what’s the point of making new laws that will be poorly executed?!? Where’s the logic?!?

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch last night’s episode of Palaban (which airs on GMA7).  Winnie interviewed senatoriables Chiz Escudero and Victor Wood (Yes. Victor Wood the Jukebox King).  A friend of mine told me that Wood was more “entertaining” than Chavit.  He had weird comments about the “uselessness” of impeachment trials and political advertisements.  He didn’t sing.

Just a comment though: both the shows I mentioned were aired after 12 midnight.  Although they aired in the two major networks, I wish that they would air such programs earlier.  People need to make informed decisions in May and these kinds of shows will help if only they can be watched by more people.

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  1. April 21, 2007 at 6:14 am

    i didn’t know GMA also had a program like Forum 2007. would you know the schedule? thanks. 🙂

    i wish i was able to watch this episode with chavit and maria ressa. that must have been hilarious, not to mention embarrassing.

    thank you for this post; this was enlightening. 🙂

  2. April 22, 2007 at 3:29 am

    hi reeyah,
    Winnie Monsod has one entire segment in the show “Palaban” in GMA7 wherein she interviews senatoriables. Last week (April 18) her guests were Ed Angara and Mel Chavez. It airs every Wednesday night after Saksi. 🙂

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