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Grandma kicks ass!!!

caridad sanchezVeteran actress Caridad Sanchez kicked bad guys’ butt in one of the episodes of GMA 7’s television series, Asian Treasures. Caridad plays the grandmother of Elias (played by Robin Padilla), who is looking for hidden treasures that date back to the start of Philippine civilization with Gabriela (Angel Locsin). Coincidentally, Caridad’s character is also a member of a secret society that has been keeping the location of the treasures safe from the “forces of evil.”

I was watching the show with my mom a few nights ago and saw the fight scene between this feisty grandmother and a group of bad guys. Obviously, it wasn’t Ms. Caridad Sanchez who did the fighting (the scene mostly had tight shots at the back of her stunt double) but what made the scene work was her very talented portrayal of a seemingly normal grandma who is more than eager to kick ass!  She’s so cute! 🙂

My own grandmother is over eighty years old and although she doesn’t kick as high or punch as hard, she’s still as strong as an ox. I have to admit that she can still out-“walk” me and she has better endurance to heat.  She’s lived in the province all her life; regularly sleeps before 9am and is up by five.  I love her to death and I regret that I can’t really spend as much time with her as I want.  Imagining her doing the same stunts as Caridad’s character make me smile.  It would have been cool to have an ass-kicking grandmother but at the same time, I would have probably grown up with a huge inferiority complex if my own grandmother can kick higher than I can.

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