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DOJ Secretary Raul Gonzalez on Julia Campbell’s “carelessness”

In behalf of the Filipino people, I would like to apologize for the crass and thoughtless remark made by Philippine Department of Justice Secretary, Raul Gonzalez.  In an interview with GMA7, Gonzalez reportedly said that Julia Campbell was a little “irresponsible” and it was partly her fault that she was murdered.

Quote, “Why would she walk alone in this remote mountain? I think, [if she had a companion], it would not have happened. She was careless that she took a lonely walk in this deserted area. Maybe she was confident [of being familiar with the countryside],” end quote. (*Bold typeface supplied)

The remark blatanly exposed Gonzalez’ antiphaty towards victims of heinous crimes.  In his warped sense of justice, Gonzalez probably believes that murder victims deserve to be killed because they were “careless” and that they should have thought that there was a high probability of getting murdered whenever they venture out alone. A veteran reporter and peace corps volunteer like Julia Campbell, who loved the Philippines and its people, should have had enough gumption to realize that “Gee, I might get murdered up there!”

The tactless comment not only proved Gonzalez’ cluelessness but also fortified the negative global image of Filipinos in the advent of the discovery of Campbell’s body.  It’s like saying, “When you come to the Philippines, don’t go out alone or you’ll get murdered. If you get killed, it’ll be your own fault.”

The supreme irony is that Gonzalez heads our country’s department of Justice.  He’s supposed to be brilliant; he graduated at the top 10 of his class in UST and was even named one of the top 5 outstanding Congressmen back in 1996 (he won the Congressional seat of Iloilo in 1995).  He is another living, breathing proof that intelligence doesn’t necessarily equal acumen or diplomacy.  What’s not so surprising is that Malacañang has kept mum over Gonzalez’ latest stunt.  Doesn’t the president have anything to say about her appointed official’s very negative and publicized remarks about a peace corps volunteer who was murdered in the very place she has given the last years of her life to?  Filipino citizens here and abroad have berated Gonzalez for his foolish remarks and it now falls on Malacañang if it has enough balls to finally castigate it’s Justice Secretary.

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