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Congressman Manny Pacquiao?!?

Congressional candidate and professional boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao points a finger at his political opponent, petite Congresswoman Darlene Antonio-Custodio, claiming that the latter is behind the recent rumors about his “death”.  At around midnight, on Sunday (May 6) rumors about Pacman’s death started circulating via text messages.  According to Pacquiao, these rumors are obviously a type of black propaganda; a desperate move by his opponent.

Um…okay…I guess it’s kinda logical to think like that… I mean… If I were Darlene, I could easily win the elections by spreading a rumor that can easily be denied by my opponent’s camp (i.e. his death!). Sure win na iyon!  (To be clear, I am being very sarcastic.)

I wish I lived in General Santos City so I can vote for Darlene.  Granted Pacquiao’s a talented boxer but maybe his head suffered from too many heavy punches that he’s not thinking straight (or he’s letting other people–LEECHES!–to think for him).  For the life of me, I don’t understand WHY he thinks that he can be a good and effective politician.  I’ve said this before–one doesn’t need to run for public office to help people.  If I will believe all the news stories about his generosity, I think Pacquiao has already done a lot for the people of General Santos.

Pacquiao needs a hard lesson in humility.  He should also be careful about the people around him who are obviously using him for their own agendas.  I’m afraid that if he does win a seat in congress, the Philippines would probably lose a world-class athlete and gain another ineffective politician.

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  1. Merben John Salarda
    May 10, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Well, most of our congressmen are useless anyway so another useless public official wouldn’t make a lot of difference. However, I am concerned with this issue as a Pinoy boxing fan. I don’t want Manny to lose focus with his training and bouts. He needs to focus on them because his performance suffers when his prerparation is lacking. his last fight is a good example. His form at that fight was nowhere near to the form he had when he fought Morales for the third time. Furthermore, he will only be a laughingstock in congress because he can hardly read and write and he is incapable of much less author any laws. He is a national treasure so he deserves a lot more than that.

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