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Extreme Cheesiness (It’s for my MOM!)

May 13, 2007

My mom’s great because I turned out great. I claim bragging rights due to the fact that at the age of twenty-seven, I have yet to be convicted of any crime nor has my name been spread all over the tabloids due to some sordid sex scandal.

Everyone else might say the same thing about their own mothers but for the record, I think my mom rocks. There was that time when I was a teenager that we drew swords a lot but I think I outgrew that phase quickly (I think I was a royal bitch to everyone). Her menopausal phase sucked big time but I had my brothers to calm me down.

my mom and meShe’s the quintessential self-sacrificing, nagging, forgiving, semi-old fashioned, probinsyana mother. She tends to talk too much and too loud. She learned to cook at a really late age due to necessity. She is the best budget manager I know. No matter how tight money was, she always seemed to find a way to make things work out well in the end. She managed to drill the importance of education to her children; telling us with relentless vigor that we were so lucky to have the opportunities she didn’t have in her youth.

For Mother’s Day, I forced her to go shopping with me. Forced being the operative word since my fashion sense totally contradicts with hers (she says “comfortable”, I say “frumpy”). Since I graduated from college and started earning my own money, I made it my personal obligation to make sure that my mother regularly replenishes her wardrobe. Let’s just say it’s my way of saying thanks although no number of clothes and shoes could ever really pay for everything she’s done for me.

She’s been giving subtle hints about having grandchildren…either that or a small dog she can carry around with her. I guess she misses having a baby around since all of her children are grown up. She’ll probably get the dog first because I’m definitely not ready to give her kids yet. I’m scared that I might not be half as good a mother as she is. I’m just too selfish. My mother may be a lot of things but selfishness is not a word that I can easily associate with her. I guess it must come as a qualification.

Well, here’s to the most unselfish person I know: my mom.

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