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thoughts on the elections :)

The results of the last elections surprised me.

Pacquiao was knocked out by the petite Darlene Custodio in the congressional race in General Santos.  Thank God! Maybe now, Pacquiao can concentrate on being a boxer and seriously start training again.

Both Richard Gomez and Cesar Montano did not get enough votes to win a senatorial seat.  The Filipino people proved that it takes more than good looks and a gorgeous wife to land a seat in the senate.  I am assuming that we have finally learned our lesson.  Nothing against both Gomez and Montano; if they really want to help and serve the country, they really don’t need to be politicians.  I do not doubt their sincerity but I doubt their law-making skills.

A traditional politician and a celebrity politician lost to a PRIEST in Pampanga.  Enough said.

Although I had to painfully accept thefact that there’s no getting rid of Legarda (I still hate her); overall, the majority of the election results proved to me that there were more people who thought over their decisions carefully.  We are desperate for change and we let the people in government realize it through one of the most democratic means available.  Extra merit should also go to the media who really let their presence known.  This time, it was not enough that they reported what was happening but there were more news people who were tough enough to get in a little deeper and exposed hard, and often damaging, truths.

Here’s hoping that the Presidential elections in 2010 will produce similar, if not, better outcomes.  The electorate is not willing to be used and abused anymore. 🙂

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