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Ignorance is NOT bliss!

I was hesitant about posting this. But in light of recent events, I decided against playing it safe. To hell with it.

I am a nerd. I do not get offended when people tease me about being a geek because I am one of the biggest nerds I know. If reading a lot of books and filling my head with lots of trivia is being a geek, then I am one. If wanting to go back to school and actually liking it makes me an even bigger nerd then so be it.

I am a staunch believer of good education. I believe that those who have street smarts AND good education have more chances of succeeding in anything they pursue. To be clear, I am not only talking about education gleaned from school; I am also talking about education through peers and experience. According to Friedman, it is not enough that one specializes on only one thing. Since a consequence of globalization is that the world has become a smaller place, we are competing with a lot more people who have the same skills and talents. We need to continue making ourselves employable. There is no real security since jobs which we think may last forever can easily be replaced by a technological improvement.

Which is why I am surprised that there are still some people who think that those of us who seek higher education are merely doing so as “capricho” (did I spell this right?) or as something that only us, as individuals can benefit from. There are also those in the media industry who claim that studying is a luxury that a media practitioner can do without. An executive producer from one of the local TV networks actually told student interns that they should quit school and just work, since all they needed to learn to work in the industry they would learn by experience.


Granted, you won’t learn everything in school. You won’t learn everything by experience either. If the statement made by that executive producer is the prevalent notion of the people in media today, then it’s no wonder that the local media has been producing stuff that mostly have inane and senseless content. It is no wonder that a lot of media practitioners do not practice ethical standards. You can count in one finger the number of good, quality shows that air in local television today.

And if seeking higher education and further training is a selfish pursuit, then why do companies allow their employees to go back to school to get their degrees? Obviously, employees with higher educational attainment are an asset to any company. Yes, there are seldom obvious benefits to the company but trust me, the company does benefit from these people in one way or another.

I am frustrated that some people just don’t get it. To shun education is one thing but to actually deny the fact that it provides undeniable advantage is something that is quite devastating.


Tonight, I was vindicated. Tonight, I met with a group of people who welcomed learning and appreciated the fact that despite their extensive experience, there is still a lot they can learn to improve themselves and their craft. It is humility in one of its highest forms—knowing that you’re already good at something but still willing to admit that there is still a lot you don’t know. Ignorance is definitely for the arrogant.

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  1. May 25, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    Well, my art of midwifery is in most respects like theirs; but differs, in that I attend men and not women; and look after their souls when they are in labour, and not after their bodies: and the triumph of my art is in thoroughly examining whether the thought which the mind of the young man brings forth is a false idol or a noble and true birth. And like the mid-wives, I am barren, and the reproach which is often made against me, that I ask questions of others and have not the wit to answer them myself, is very just-the reason is, that the god compels-me to be a midwife, but does not allow me to bring forth. And therefore I am not myself at all wise, nor have I anything to show which is the invention or birth of my own soul, but those who converse with me profit.
    (Socrates – as written by Plato in Theaetetus)

    Even Socrates stated that knowledge he shared did not innately emerge from him but from the answers he gathered from the constant advent of uncertainty. I always bring this with me everyday. I am not ashamed of my innocence about a lot of things. I believe that it is more shameful to speak eloquently about the things I do not know. I ask because I want to know. I study because I want to learn…and I only share the things I am master of and not the inadequate products of unfounded information.

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