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on insects and “cute-sy” stuff

I changed my blog theme on a whim. I was feeling “it”–that itch at the back of my head subtly telling me that it’s time for a change. A friend of mine duly called my attention to the fact that I replaced my header with a picture of another insect (this time, a macro shot of a fly courtesy of Mac). My previous header was mala-National Geographic: a giant lizard (not sure if it was a tuko) about to attack a giant moth. We took this picture in Bohol last year. Since the picture was too big, I had to crop out the lizard and settled with the giant moth near the lamp.

mutant lizard and giant moth

Here’s another pic I have where a friend posed nearby so people will have an idea on how big the lizard and the moth really were.


My friend pointedly asked where my sudden interest in insects came from (I am among those people who think that cockroaches are the most disgusting things in the universe). The photos were chosen not because they featured insects but just because they happened to be the most interesting among my present collection. I actually tried to use photos of myself but found them too narcissistic and “posey” for my taste. I’m also not that fond of “cute-sy” stuff (like flowers and teddy bears) nor am I into landscape, panoramic shots. People who know me personally would have teased me endlessly if I used anything cute or pink. Mahilig ako magpa-cute but as I said, I’m not a fan of the “cute” stuff. There’s a difference.

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