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appreciating the small stuff

I’ve been itching to blog for the past couple of weeks but simply do not have the time. My father was in the hospital for over two weeks.  His appendix ruptured and there were complications; Pulmonary Edema to be exact.  His condition was caused by severe infection in his lungs brought about by his ruptured appendix.  He had difficulty breathing and his doctors feared that his body’s not taking in enough oxygen so he was transferred to the ICU for two days. Needless to say, our hospital bill shot to the roof. But more importantly, my dad’s finally home and recovering. Oh, and he also promised to quit smoking. 🙂

Workload in school’s a little tough as well.  Studying at the hospital is NOT conducive–I think my last two reports for my film subject sucked simply because I neither had the time nor the energy to prepare.

My other subject’s quite interesting though.  We’re being exposed to a new kind of framework called Appreciative Inquiry.  Actually, the approach is not that new but having written a number of papers for school for over a decade, it’s definitely something new for me.  As the name implies, it focuses on the positive; “the good stuff”.  Usually, when starting a research, we usually identify a problem then dissect it.  What appreciative inquiry does is the opposite: “it is about seeing what others may not see. It’s about heightening our awareness of the value, strength, and potential of ourselves and others — and overcoming the limits that we impose, often unconsciously, on our own capacities.” (from http://www.appreciative-inquiry.org/).

For someone as jaded as I am, this is definitely a challenge.  When I started my paper for my Philippine Studies class, I found myself still leaning towards the traditional “problematic” approach.  It is easier for me to notice the negative side of things.  It is also easier for me to negate the positive. 

Yet after my dad’s hospital experience, seeing the rosy side of things haven’t been that difficult.  Yes, his condition was serious and we’re in debt because of his hospital bills but things could have been a lot worse. It is really in troubled times that we see the best (and the worst) in people.  It is when we learn to appreciate the small things (like breathing!) and find out who our real friends are.

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