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Farewell Harry Potter!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I got my copy of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this morning at around 7am, after having reserved a copy last February.  I practically ignored everyone at home today; I was practically glued to it from page 1. Needless to say, I finished it in one seating (took lunch and bathroom breaks of course).

Rowling delivered.  The book is action-packed from start to end and yes, there are deaths.  Questions are finally answered and I have to say that I remain a fan til the very end. 🙂 It is a conscious effort not to include any spoilers in this entry so I’d better stop before I succumb…

Turns out that the downloadable copy which surfaced in the internet a few days ago was a fake.  The b***s**t version was apprently perpetrated by a teenager in the US who doesn’t have a hobby, a job or a girlfried (in short, he doesn’t have a life!).  There was even a report that a teenage girl here in the Philippines killed herself over it (this hasn’t been confirmed–apparently, she and her mother downloaded the fake version a few days before the final book came out).  For my part, I really avoided spoilers and just stuck to news items and press releases about Rowling and the book.  It was only after I finished that I scanned the net for reviews. So far, best review I found was from Time magazine (beware! spoilers included!).

One thing’s for sure, I will not be the only one who will miss Hogwarts and the adventures of “The Boy Who Lived”.  To end, I’d like to quote an excerpt the Time review:

“We did something very rare for Harry Potter: we lost our cool. There is nothing particularly hip about loving Harry. He’s not sexy or dangerous the way, say, Tony Soprano was. He’s not an anti-hero, he’s just a hero, but we fell for him anyway. It’s a small sacrifice to the one that Harry makes, of course, but it’s what we, as self-conscious, status-conscious modern readers, have to give, and we gave it. We did and do love Harry. We couldn’t help ourselves.”

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