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Guilty or Not Guilty?

I just visited Newsbreak‘s website and stumbled on former President Joseph Estrada’s article regarding the near verdict of his case in the Sandiganbayan (view whole article here).  First of all, I am among those with the less popular opinion that EDSA 2 was a farce.  I honestly believe that what happened six years ago in Edsa was unconstitutional and was master-minded by the powerful business elite who wanted Estrada out of Malacañang.  Hindi dumaan sa tamang proseso.  Before I continue, let me clarify that I am definitely NOT pro-Erap.  I do think he is guilty of corruption but unlike his predecessors (and successor), he wasn’t able to “keep his hands clean”–he trusted the wrong people and made enemies in the “wrong” places.

There are rumors that the court’s verdict would most probably be “guilty” for Estrada.  I am assuming that this would result to less problematic consequences for the present administration.  If Estrada is acquited, the legitimacy of GMA’s presidency would probably be questioned.  People are expecting rallies and demonstrations regardless of the outcome of the verdict.  If guilty, Estrada’s supporters will flock the streets and cry “foul”; that the justice system was manipulated by Malacañang.  If not guilty, it would be the anti-Erap groups claiming that justice has been denied.

As for me, I hope the prosecution team did their job well. I hope that they provided enough evidence to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Erap is in fact, guilty of all charges.  I hope that the courts would not succumb to any pressure from Malañang or elsewhere.  Personally, although I would respect the court’s verdict whatever it is, I am hoping for a ‘guilty’ verdict so that we would finally have a concrete example that justice in this country still exists; that the corrupt are punished.  At least this time, dumaan na tayo sa tama at legal na proseso.

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