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Another UP Student Dies from Fraternity-related Violence?

The title has a question mark simply because this report from the Philippine Daily Inquirer has no official statements from the University authorities.  An anonymous source verified that the victim,  a twenty-year old graduating student from the College of Public Administration named Cris Anthony Mendez (the article misspelled his name according to a forum in peyups), is suspected to have died from hazing.  His body “bore bruises all over his body, particularly on the back of the arms and thighs“.  If you’ve watched enough movies, you would probably jump to the same conclusion.

Years ago, when I was still an undergrad, my school organization helped out in organizing a concert for the benefit of another victim of fraternity-related violence.  We got wind of another frat-related incident on the night of the concert.  It felt like someone was putting salt on a fresh wound.

I have always been pro-choice and I believe that people who join frats have their own reasons.  I would probably never understand these reasons and disagree with most if not all of them.  Frat-related stuff, especially hazing, is just another thing that I don’t really get… intentionally inflicting pain on someone because of “brotherhood” is not something I can fully digest.

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  1. August 29, 2007 at 5:13 pm

    Dying from hazing is not the issue circulating among fellow frat men in UP. What they abhor is how the supposed “brods” of CA Mendez handled the matter of his death- dumping him in a hospital just like that. Without even a fall guy. At least back in the day…someone would become a testament to “one for all” in these situations. What were they thinking? That they could mum all the witnesses and no evidence would point to them in the end? You’re right, inflicting pain on someone because of brotherhood is not something all of us can fully digest. I doubt if all those who entered fraternities can give a substantial answer to that. But CA’s death (frat man o hindi frat man) is like any other death, let’s all hope for justice to prevail.

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