There’s this ria person who blogged about her unpopular opinion about the death of Cris Mendez (thanks Jester for the full text). Here are excerpts:

Sa totoo lang, hindi ako apektado sa pagkamatay ni Cris Mendez dahil siguro hindi ko naman siya kilala at hindi ko naramdaman ang impact niya sa existence ko sa university kahit na ka-batch ko siya.

Kung may kinakaawaan man ako, yun ay ang kanyang magulang dahil parang hindi man lang niya inalala ang [mga] naghirap na palakihin at mabigyan siya ng disenteng pamumuhay sa kanyang pagsapi sa frat.

Hindi ako naaawa kay Mendez dahil kung tutuusin, hindi naman siya mamamatay kung hindi siya sumali ng frat o kung ano pa mang uri ng samahan na mayroong hazing. Alam naman siguro niya na may hazing ang pagsali sa SR, kaya dapat ay alam na din niya ang mga risk na kasama ng pagsali dito. At kung hindi man niya ito alam sa simula, sana naman ay pinag-isipan niya kung tutuloy pa ba siya nung malaman niyang meron. Kasama sa risks ng pagsali sa samahang may hazing ang pagdanas ng pisikal na sakit, maging ang pagkamatay. At kasama sa risks ng pagsali sa frat ang pagkasangkot sa mga rumble na maaaring maging dahilan ng kanilang pag-absent mula sa klase, pagdanas ng pisikal na sakit at kamatayan.

And it goes on…

She is no better than Ryan Amor who compared hazing to extreme sports. These people think that Cris should have know better–they sit on their high horse and declare that they’re better than Cris. One of them was tough enough to survive the frat’s initiation rites while the other one was smart enough not to apply at all. Napaka-arogante ninyo! No matter what his reasons were, he did not deserve death. And I don’t think he asked for it.


The Wowowee “scandal” brought people’s foolishness to the fore. Some were quick to jump to the conclusion that the game show “cheated” (although the rumors were probably fueled by ABS-CBN’s very late explanation of the matter). I look down on Willie for using precious air time to slander Joey de Leon; to bring up issues and controversies that have long since died–Joey’s supposed reaction to the ULTRA stampede and the Pepsi Paloma case. Making yourself look good by making someone else look bad is never a good move, Willie.

The long-dead Pepsi Paloma case was filed in 1982. Considering that I was still in diapers then, I have to confess that I know next to nothing about this case. Upon further research, I found out that the “case” did not even blossom into a full criminal case because it was settled out of court.

It was wrong for people to have quickly judged Revillame or Wowowee because of the “technical glitch” which was later (very later) explained by ABS-CBN as a design flaw. Personally, I think Channel 2’s management should have addressed the issue immediately. It is also wrong for people to judge de Leon for a case filed over two decades ago and was never brought to court. What happened to innocent before proven guilty?

Besides, is the long-dead “case” the real issue? Should Joey de Leon be the person on fire? Granted the man’s not perfect but he doesn’t deserve the public lynching of the die hard Wowowee fans. The issue has escalated to the point where a potentially slanderous video was uploaded in youtube. An article from ABS-CBN Interactive describes the video:

The Pepsi Paloma clip shows very little information about the case. Instead, it’s an obvious attack on the comedian. The clip opens with a portion of film dialogue in Filipino. It also shows old footage of the starlet.

Listening to the audio, one realizes that the dialogue is that of three goons who eventually rape a woman. The woman’s protests are also heard. The voices are not those of de Leon, Sotto or D’Horsie, but the association is being made between the three and the dialogue of the movie rapists.

Hooray for freedom of expression. Right?

  1. FM
    October 2, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    while im not too keen on the network wars that’s been happening, i am aware of the situation you mentioned above. I was researching this Pepsi-Paloma incident just earlier, because like you, i was not even born yet when it transpired. I am not defending Willie or anyone for that matter, but I in fairness to Willie, Joey was the one who started all this bickering. Even before the “technical glitch” (which is a very very poor excuse, by the way), Joey was already dropping hints on Willie’s show. Let’s face it, Joey is acting really childish, unable to digest that Wowowee is the wave of the future while Eat Bulaga is slowly making its way as a thing of the past, and I think this made things really personal for Joey. And this is logical, because if you think about it, Willie does not have to make anyone look bad because after all, Wowowee is more of a threat to Eat Bulaga than Eat bulaga is to Wowowee in terms of ratings.

    Second, while it is true that the Pepsi paloma never did make it to court, that does not make it any less relevant, specially here in the Phils. The defendants WERE the SOTTOs after all. Though Im not insinuating any ideas, I know you get the drift.

    Third, I agree that cheating the public was way out of line. No excuse can possibly cover that blunder up. But since Joey’s the one bombing Willie with all the insults, i think its only natural for Willie’s fans to retaliate and defend their, uhm, idol? (whatever). And sadly, INNOCENCE UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY??? really?? here?? in the phils? I mean, come on. Obviously you’re a very intelligent person, so i’ll just pretend that you did not write that.

    Well, that’s my two cents on the issue. Im not taking sides, Willie really did cheat on the show regardless of any of his lame excuses. Joey on the other hand, is so threatened that he bombs Willie with ALMOST ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING he can come up with and will waste no time in doing so as soon as an opportunity presents itself (araneta stampede) that in doing so, he’s making a fool of himself.

    Meanwhile, someone should really open the case again. Yes I know we live here in the Phils, but I still hope that justice does prevail on this case.

    Hooray indeed for freedom of expression =)

  2. October 3, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Hi FM, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    Frankly, I don’t watch noon time shows and I couldn’t care less about Joey’s remarks on Revillame. I was reacting on their fans’ reactions to the issue. Everyone was jumping the gun and taking sides; even bringing out the long-dead Pepsi Paloma issue. I would have to argue that bringing it up was irrelevant because it had no bearing or connection to the issue at hand (which was, as I gathered, the supposed “cheating” at Wowowee”). You point out the defendants were the Sottos; I think this is a fallacious argument since the case was NEVER BROUGHT TO COURT in the first place.

    And yes, believe it or not, I still have an optimistic idea about justice in the Philippines. It might be foolish but hope is all I have. 🙂

    Really, thanks for dropping by. It’s seldom I get comments that made sense about topics like these. You should see the comments I deleted from this post…

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