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The “Duchess” of Cheap

In the few episodes of Tyra that I was able to watch over the last few months, I heard her refer to herself as the “Queen of Cheap” more than a couple of times.  After considering my belongings, I recently came to the conclusion that I am a person of contradiction when it comes to cheapness. I present the following as evidence:

Exhibit A. A collection of books mostly bought 2nd hand from UP or the Books For Less branch in Roces Ave. I seldom buy new books anymore since they are so expensive (unless they’re priced reasonably; I got my copy of Freakonomics at Fully Booked under P300).  I have to confess that I bought the 7th Harry Potter on the day it came out but I consider that as an exemption–I’ve been waiting for that book to come out for years.

Exhibit B. My VCD collection. No, that wasn’t a typo. I have a VCD collection not DVDs. My friends think I’m weird considering that you can get pretty good DVDs from almost anywhere. Blame it on the HBO ad but I don’t really like buying pirated DVDs (I have nothing against borrowing them though). I’m too lazy to download movies from the net and burn them. I prefer buying them complete with their original packaging. Besides, most of the movies I collect are “contemporary classics” or titles that are hard to find in your usual bangketa. I usually find the titles in Record stores during a clearance sale whenever they sell VCDs for P75 each. My most recent find: original VCD copies of Before Sunset and Before Sunrise for just a hundred bucks each.

Exhibit C. A recent purchase at the tiangge in St. Francis Square. After splurging a couple of thousand bucks on several outfits, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a blouse at the mall that costs over P500.  But it’s not the same with shoes and bags–my boyfriend literally dragged me away from a perfect pair of pumps a few days ago, telling me that I have enough shoes already (Really! Men don’t know the first thing about women and shoes!).

Exhibit D. A handful of receipts from different restaurants I’ve been to with friends and family over the last month. I may be stingy with other things but I guess food is not one of them. As long as the food is good and I leave satisfied, I have no qualms about paying a high price.

Exhibit E. My make-up kit. Another extravagance: I don’t buy cheap make-up. It’s not a snobbish thing but having sensitive skin kinda limits my choices. I am a regular customer of the Body Shop (I’m a lotion addict) and the Beauty Bar. I lost count of how many lipsticks I have and my kikay kit is the heaviest item in my bag.  Speaking of lipsticks, I recently tried Avon’s new glazewear lipstick line (it’s a bargain! A tube of lipstick for under P250!). I love it!

In conclusion, I think I’m more of a “Duchess of Cheap” rather than a queen. I would like to call myself practical but when I see my make up littering my already overflowing dresser, I silently disagree with myself.  Practical is someone who does not have a dozen shades of lipstick unless that someone is a make-up artist. The next time I wonder where my supposed savings went, I just need to check my kikay kit for a reality check.

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  1. clare
    November 10, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    hmm, baka kasama ako sa category na yan.

    i buy vcds too more than dvds.

    and i am cheap when it comes to some things but i have my weakness for some expensive items as well. i guess you can say i’m more practical about my purchases (like you apparently are).

    the avon glazewear line…i have one tube…it’s a favorite of mine right now. 🙂

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