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All You Need Is LOVE. :)

What would you do if a stranger approaches you and asks for a hug? A friend of mine told me that she’s more prepared to attack that person with pepper spray rather than hug him. My answer’s safer: I don’t close myself to the possibility of giving that person a hug but to be honest, I am more likely to run the other way thinking that he’s a “crazy person” to just walk around asking for hugs from complete strangers.

I re-discovered a music video by Dave Matthews Band via You Tube. I just LOVE Dave Matthews and I remember this happy-good-tralala feeling when I first watched the video for the song Everday years ago. An ordinary looking guy wakes up one morning and goes around asking hugs from everyone while Dave croons on that all a person needs is love.

All a person needs is love. We now live in a world so full of cynicism that sometimes we wonder if love still exists. But if we look closely, we’d realize that love actually is everywhere (borrowed that line from the movie Love Actually hehehe). I was going to type that we have no problems giving love to the people around us but I suddenly realized that that’s not true at all. We do have problems giving love even to the people we know—we tend to love conditionally, giving love and taking it, always expecting something in return. We choose the people we love.

Just imagine if people walked around just hugging everyone else. No negative, suspicious thoughts about other people—just complete trust and acceptance. No insults, no back-stabbing, no curses, no fighting, no lying, no cheating, no crime(!), no war.

I’m not in my usual cynical self. I guess I really am in a happy-good-tralala mood today. The song has that effect. 🙂

  1. clare
    November 10, 2007 at 9:26 pm

    i remember watching a news item about a group of students in japan who went around giving away free hugs. i think these days even us pinoys who are more malambing than most others rarely hug. i don’t know if it’s just me but i rarely hug people or get hugs. and i don’t see much of the same with people around me. maybe everyone should start a hug campaign or something because hugs, particularly from people you love, can be quite the pick-me-up. 😉

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