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Sad day.

A Newborn Baby’s Prayer by Dorothy Warren Fox

Dear Lord, I am so newly come,
I do not even know my name.

I do not even know yet, Lord,
If I am glad I came.

Grant me the time to grow in love,
Rejoice that I am here.

Bless those who make me warm and dry,
Lord, keep my mother near.

I just learned that a friend lost his baby. We’ve lost touch for a while; the last news I got from him was about his imminent marriage to his long-time girlfriend.  Today I learned that his son, who wasn’t even been born yet, died from medical complications. The baby’s heartbeat just stopped.

When confronted with such news, what does one say? I can’t find it in my heart to say “Everything’s OK” because there’s really nothing okay about a baby dying. I try to comfort myself with the thought that perhaps the baby was just too good for this world and God probably has other plans for him and his parents. Considering that I got the news through YM of all places, I couldn’t really hug him or at the very least pat him on the back or hold his hand. I don’t take bad news well–I usually don’t know the right thing to say and just fumble my way through, hoping I’m saying the right things and not making matters worse.

At the end, all I can really do was lend a sympathetic ear and offer prayers for the baby. I guess that’s all anyone else can do.

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