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Gone Too Soon


Heath Ledger is dead. And he isn’t even 30 years old.

I’ve been a fan of Heath Ledger since I first saw him in A Knight’s Tale. I’ve been following his career closely ever since.  I think he was one of those talented actors who chose his roles carefully instead of just cashing in on his good looks.  It is such a shame that he was taken from us too soon.

I’ve been giddy with excitement when I found out that he was going to play The Joker in the Dark Knight’s sequel.  The movie trailer gave me goosebumps because he was just perfect–he gave the character a freaky, psychotic twist that tore away from the comical representations of the infamous villain.  I cannot believe that it would be his last movie.

He could have been great. He had so much talent and the world was taking notice. Rest in peace, Heath. We, your fans, will surely miss you.

  1. clare
    January 24, 2008 at 6:35 am

    i was shocked when i saw this on the news yesterday. i remember one reported said that his death robbed us of his greatness and all the talent he still had to offer…i agree with him.

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