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The Worst Cabs are in Alabang!

I might be exaggerating but my feet hurt too much to be politically correct.

I went to Alabang to meet with two of my closest friends whom I haven’t seen for a really long time.  The last time I was this far south was when my boyfriend treated me to a day out in Enchanted Kingdom–we brought a car that time.  Today, I thought it was going to be “simple” enough to commute from Antipolo to Alabang.  I can take the shuttle to Makati, then take the bus to Alabang; I can even get a little shut-eye along the way.  I arranged to meet my boyfriend for dinner in Makati after the day out with my friends.  I really thought the day would go well.

The trip to Alabang went without mishap. I had a great time with my friends and was even able to do a little shopping for myself.  My friends and I separated at around 6pm; they dropped me off at Festival Mall and I decided to take a cab from there to Makati since I was feeling pretty tired.  Enlighten me please: Is there like a special taxi rule in Alabang that I’m not aware of? All (and I mean ALL) the cabs in and around Festival Mall told me that they operate on a “fixed rate” and all of them were asking me P500 to P600 just to take me from Alabang to Makati.  They were all polite but it was ridiculous! Isn’t it a transportation rule/law that taxis should use their meters and not to discriminate against passengers?  I was willing to play the metered fare and the toll gate fee naman. Again, I am virtually a stranger in these parts but if this is really the standard in Alabang then I would like to shout out a warning to other hard-core commuters: Alabang has the worst cabs–fare-wise.  Bring a car or just take the bus unless you’re willing to shell out at least five hundred bucks because of a “fixed rate”.  If this is indeed an “illegal” activity then I think that someone from the local government should do something about it. Hindi ako naniniwalang walang alam ang mga opisyal doon dahil may mga nakakalat na pulis kanina kung saan ako paikot-ikot na nag-aabang ng taxi! 

Frustrated, I finally took the bus to Makati instead. By the time I reached Ayala my feet were killing me…good thing my boyfriend took pity on me and treated me to a nice dinner. I am still desperate for a good foot massage. Call me vindictive but I hope those taxi drivers are having a worse night than I am…

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  1. DOn
    May 16, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    you could report them to LTFRB but that will just be a waste of time. those taxis do have the option to charge fixed rate as per regulations. I do understand what you are saying as the TERM taxi means they should be metered. it’s just by chance you’d find 1 that is metered. The ones that are fixed rate are “privately owned” taxes, meaning the drivers of those taxis are the owners of the taxi they drive. MY tip: FLAG DOWN A TAXI as most of those are metered.

  2. October 28, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    i always get a foot massage coz i find it very relaxing and soothing.:’

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