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Slide to turn OFF

Ever had those moments when you felt that you and your mom are literally generations apart? I had such an experience just yesterday.

My mom borrowed my iPod Touch and hamburger speaker so she can play some music at work (I recently added a lot of Beatles songs to my iPod).  We had this “crash course” in my school parking lot right before she dropped me off for a class (I usually hitch a ride with her when I have class since her office is near the university). We went over the entire thing three times:
1)    How to open iPod (check!)
2)    How to open music (check!)
3)    How to select playlist (check!)
4)    How to pause and go back to home menu (check!)
5)    How to turn off (check!)

We had a similar but simpler tutorial for the hamburger speaker. My mom even tried it out on her own—slapping my fingers away when I tried to help her out. So, all in all, I was quite sure that she could handle the player with ease.

I was so wrong.

My mom called a couple of hours later complaining that she couldn’t turn off the iPod. Basically, this is how our conversation went:

Mom: Ayaw mamatay nung iPod mo.
Me: What do you mean away mamatay?
Mom: Ayaw mamatay. Itim na yung screen pero tumutugtog pa rin.
Me: Magpapatugtog ka pa ba later?
Mom: Oo sana.
Me: Ok…Balik ka sa music. Press pause.
Mom: Ayaw e.
Me: Baka naka-lock ka pa.
Mom: Ano yun?
Me: Naka-lock pa yung iPod. Press mo yung home button. Did a slider appear?
Mom: Ano yun?
Me: A slider. Tapos may nakalagay “slide to unlock”.
Mom: Meron. So ano gagawin ko?
Me: Slide to unlock.
Mom: Ah ok…
Mom: Tumutugtog pa rin.
Me: Punta ka muna sa music then pause the song playing.
Mom: Ayaw e.
Me: Paanong ayaw?
Mom: Ang nakikita ko “Add to Playlist”
Me: I think you clicked on the “On-The-Go” playlist by mistake. Labas ka dyan.
Mom: Paano?
Me: Click mo yung arrow sa may upper left.
Mom: Saan?
Mom: Tumutugtog pa rin.
Me: (Hay naku!) You just want to turn it off right?
Mom: Magpapatugtog pa sana ako.
Me: Patayin mo na lang. Pindutin mo na lang ng matagal yung button sa taas. Wait until may lumabas na slider na “Slide To Turn Off”
Mom: Ano gagawin ko?
Me: Slide mo to turn off.
Mom: Patay na.
Me: Ok. (Sa wakes!)
Mom: Ang hirap naman nito. Sa susunod wag mo na ito ipahiram sa akin ha!

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  1. Ate Tech
    November 3, 2009 at 12:25 pm

    hahaha.. this is so funny. Stumbled upon your post searching for ipod touch specs. Ang galing ng pagkakwento mo my dear. Thanks for sharing.

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