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Retainers and a Deluxe Cheeseburger

A couple of days ago, I decided to drop by the McDonald’s branch in Quezon Avenue for a quick bite.  I had about an hour or so left before I was needed at the office and I was craving for a cheeseburger.  The fastfood restaurant was full and I was lucky enough to find a table. I was peacefully munching on my burger when out of nowhere, this woman suddenly plopped her little girl (she was around eight years old, I think) on the seat across from me.

“Umupo ka lang dyan!” she admonished sternly to the little girl who was throwing glances at me.

Ordinarily, I would have cleared my throat and told them pointedly that it was MY table and I still wasn’t done. But I figured the table was big enough for the three of us and I was already halfway through my burger anyway. Deadma na lang.

This was when the woman started to piss me off.

The woman brought out her big bag and rummaged through it. She brought out something that looked like a big tube of toothpaste. Moments later, she brought out a retainer. The top part, I think, guessing from where I was sitting a few feet in front of them.

I stopped in mid-bite. Literally. My eyebrows raised, I thought, “You have got to be kidding me. Maybe she just brought it out to bring it into the bathroom…”

The woman started cleaning the retainer in front of me. I dropped my cheeseburger and tried to find something interesting in the poster stuck on the wall beside me.

I was seriously contemplating of shouting at the woman. Talk about killing my appetite.  The only thing that stopped me was that I didn’t want to publicly humiliate her in front of her kid. So, because of a sudden attack of illogical conscience, I kept silent and waited until she was done.

I sighed in relief as she finally placed the retainer inside her daughter’s mouth. That wasn’t so bad. I was still hungry. No real harm done.

I grabbed my cheeseburger. She brought out another retainer–this time, it was the bottom part.

“Pucha. Nakakagago na to a,” I thought as she started cleaning yet again. I was really starting to lose my appetite and I was getting angrier by the minute.  Aren’t all of us taught basic table manners at home? There are things that you just don’t do at a table WHERE SOMEBODY ELSE IS EATING!!!

I bit my tongue.  I think it was stupidity at this point. I SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING! But I was still thinking of the kid. I still didn’t want to scream at her mom in front of her.

The last straw came when after the retainers, the woman started combing her daughter’s long hair. Honestly, mukha bang CR yung lamesa ko? I discarded my burger with a grunt (yes, I actually GRUNTED!) then left in a haste before I could reach over and wring the woman’s neck.

Needless to say, it was one of the most unappetizing lunches I’ve ever had.  I don’t think I can eat another burger anytime soon-just looking at one brings back memories of that rude woman and her daughter’s retainers.

  1. clare
    May 17, 2008 at 8:12 am

    grabe. that was definitely rude!

  2. John Ray Cabrera
    February 21, 2009 at 9:58 am

    of course, it is way way too out of line when you talk about table manners. i never even occupy a modestly large table if someone is already sitting there, much so doing all that “sanitation” stuff.

    worse thing is, if it is table manners, the store manager couldn’t do something about it, if they are paying customers as well.

    darn… that is why i seldom dine there(mot more than thrice, i think) even if it is just a walk away from my place. i’d rather drive all the way to Jollibee Tomas Morato where the chicken are seemingly large and the place isn’t crowded, making it conducive to a no-holds-barred dining experience.

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