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Hazel, The Dreamer

One of my favorite bloggers recently posted about her childhood dreams. The post actually inspired me to think about what I wanted to be when I was younger. As dreams go, I had plenty and looking back made me realize how far I’ve gone and what else I can still go for.

1) I wanted to be an archaeologist-slash-teacher. My parents introduced me to the Indiana Jones series as a kid and I was totally hooked. I wanted to be like Dr. Jones–a college professor who goes off to exotic places on an adventure. I was devastated when I learned that you needed to have a lot of money to go on those trips. I was also surprised to find out that most archaeologists spend little time in the field; majority of their time are spent in museums and colleges. But the Dr. Jones scenario isn’t that far-fetched; I’m taking my masters so I can teach at a university. At least half of the dream can be realized.

2) I wanted to be a writer. I remember scribbling stories in notebooks and actually starting a Young Writer’s Club in school. I joined school publications just to see my work in print. My dream was realized a year ago when one of my papers got published in an academic journal. I also have a renewed interest in writing a short story or a screenplay. It’s a good thing that writing is one of those things that you can just keep doing. All you really need is something to write on and you’re all set.

3) I wanted to be a veterinarian. My parents dissuaded me. So instead of taking care of other people’s pets, I spoil my dog rotten. 🙂

4) I wanted to be a lawyer. I actually took my undergraduate course primarily as a pre-law course. A number of things contributed to my non-pursuance of a law degree: I fell in love with Video Production and I got disillusioned with how lawyers had to defend their clients regardless of whether or not the client’s right or wrong. I couldn’t stomach what I deemed was a lack of morals in the profession. I satisfy my “lawyering” urges by having healthy debates with friends. Less tricky and I can stick to what I think is right without consequences.

5) I wanted to be an actress. Although I had training in theater, I gave it up since I don’t know how to sing. I did one TV commercial when I was a kid but my dad didn’t let me go to other auditions. He said my studies would have suffered. I don’t know why but when I got into UP, I didn’t really “perform”. I shied away from performance orgs and preferred to just be part of the production instead of getting oncam. Maybe it’s time I voice out an interest to friends who produce indie flicks. Am I ready to audition?

Funny how none of my dreams as a kid involved “money” or “getting rich”. Oh well…the innocence of the young.

So far so good. I guess I’m not such a failure after all. My 10-year-old self would have given me a thumbs up seeing that I was able to fulfill half of my childhood dreams. And there’s still time to realize the rest…

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  1. clare
    June 21, 2008 at 2:33 pm

    we actually have similar childhood dreams pala. i agree din that as a child our dreams never involved money or getting rich. i think that we have to reach into our inner child from time to time and remember that money isn’t what would make us happy. it’s the simple things that count at the end of the day naman e.

    a favorite blogger? naks naman! *blushes* 😛

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