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On Ces Drilon

Although Ces Drilon is not among my favorite news anchors, I was among those disturbed by her abduction. I was also among those who silently cheered when she and her companions were finally released.

I have a new appreciation for her, especially after hearing her interview. This was so unlike the Ces I’ve seen on television through the years: she was obviously humbled by the experience and constantly apologized to her children and her family.

RG Cruz in his blog writes:

Ces’ trip to my mind is justified. Whatever story it was—-it was worth the trip. But—-there are many ways she could have done it and that is something she now admits. She would have still had the same results if she had resorted to less risky ways. Its upto her to justify why she defied logic and reason and risked her and the her crews lives.

I did not go into journalism because I did not have the drive for it. Speaking as a non-journalist, I feel that there’s no story worth dying for–but that’s just me. I’ve been hearing a barrage of negative comments about Ces–that she asked for it, matigas kasi ulo nya, mayabang.

Personally, I thought she was just doing her job. Granted she may have made wrong decisions but I don’t think she asked to be kidnapped. What happened to her should be taken as a reminder to everyone who works in the media–we are not untouchable. Members of the media sometimes become victims of our own arrogance and what happened to Ces should be taken as a wake-up-call.

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