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Tragedies and a Victory

I am angry at how Sulpicio Lines is handling the MV Princess of the Stars tragedy. The obvious deception in the ship’s cargo and the endless finger-pointing is such distasteful behavior by a corporation. Last night, it was reported that Sulpicio Lines filed a P3-million civil damage suit against PAGASA for allegedly giving inaccurate weather forecast on typhoon Frank. Weather prediction is arguably not the most exact science and it seems to me that Sulpicio Lines is grasping at straws, desperate to throw the blame on anyone but themselves. Even if PAGASA gave the wrong weather report, this does not eradicate the fact that they put pesticides and other harmful chemicals inside a passenger vessel, a fact that wouldn’t have surfaced if Del Monte did not notify the public about it.

Typhoon Frank brought back memories of my own recent experience at Pangasinan. My heart goes out to the people in Iloilo whose lives were literally destroyed. A lot of charitable institutions, including the GMA Kapuso Foundation, still accept donations for the victims of the typhoon. Let’s all do our part to help.

Ironically, a number of politicians were in the US when Typhoon Frank was devastating the region. The optimist in me hopes that they were there for “official” reasons; but the cynic in me believes that majority went there for a luxurious vacation and to watch Manny’s recent bout in Las Vegas.

Speaking of Manny, I appreciate how he promised to help the victims of the typhoon as soon as he gets back from the US. The boxing champion has proven time and time again that he indeed has a generous heart.

I was amused at how the players of the Boston Celtics had their pictures taken with Manny after his bout with Diaz. It was funny how you couldn’t tell who was more excited: the Celtics or Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s victory was timely since it provided a healthy “pick-me-up” in light of the recent tragedies the country has experienced. I thank Manny for that

  1. July 2, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    Manny’s victory somehow helped the entire Filipinos most specially those families of the victims of MVPS through winning the boxing event against Diaz.

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