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Pinoy Idol Rants – Final Chapter

Ok…I am officially NOT wasting any more of my time on this show after I post this entry.

Robby Navarro, one of the better finalists left in Pinoy Idol was booted out tonight. Granted he gave a lousy performance last Saturday but I think he deserved to stay more than Daryl and Sue. People bash him because the judges obviously like him (is that his fault?) and he is criticized for oversinging. He’s definitely not perfect but as I said, he is one of the better singers left in the competition.

OMG! Look at who’s left… only a miniscule percentage of the contestants barely deserve the title as it is.

I hope Daryl or Sue wins it so the production staff and the “fans” who vote will get the Pinoy Idol they deserve.

On a side note… I think this guy’s hot and he’s got talent. Probably needs to lessen the oversinging–sometimes he goes a little over the top. I mean, we already know you can sing, you don’t have to stylize everything everytime. It still sucks that you got booted out too early. I was expecting you to be among the top four at the very least.

I was rooting for you, Penelope and Kit because I thought that among the Pinoy Idol finalists, you three deserved the title. But I guess majority of the people who actually watch this show think differently.

I’m blaming the staff. They should have done a better job hooking the people’s interest when the show began. Disastrous results–the loss of Bev, Drizzle, Regene, Meryl, Walton, Mae and now Robby–could have been prevented if people other than the contestants’ family, friends and ka-barangay voted every week.

I’m still hoping I’m wrong. I hope that I’ve been too harsh on my judgments and that the remaining contestants will prove me wrong–that they’ll prove that ANY ONE of them deserves to be our representative in the Idol stage.

  1. July 7, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    it’s not the talent that makes one stay in Pinoy Idol. It’s text votes. That’s the sad reality of this show!

  2. angel
    July 12, 2008 at 3:36 am

    ur ryt.. robby is not just one of the better singer in that competition he’s the BEST but he was eliminated and now there’s no one who can definitely perform as beter as robby..

    POOR pinoy IDOL..

    i cant imagine how does it happend..

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