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Taking the Jump to 2.0

I’m writing this on my iPod touch through the WordPress application. This basically reminds me why I didn’t get the iPhone: I still find it difficult to type using the touch keyboard especially when I write in Filipino.
I’ve had my iPod since last November and it’s been jailbroken since March. Like most apple fanatics, I was psyched to find out that the Philippines is finally recognized by the iTunes store. But upon closer inspection, it turns out that we’re only allowed to purchase and download applications for the iPhone and the iPod touch.
I haven’t upgraded my firmware since upgrading then re-jailbreaking my iPod is such a chore. But I was sorely tempted to upgrade my iPod’s software to 2.0–all those apps in the iTunes store were so appealing.
Finally, I decided to fork over the $10 for the upgrade (approx P450 in Philippine denomination) and then downloaded the free apps I found interesting including the one I’m using now. No regrets so far. My iPod hasn’t crashed yet and I really don’t miss the apps I used to have with jailbreak (except for izoo and nes).
So far, I have these additional apps installed:
1) Remote
2) Wedict
3) Instapaper
4) Tomatoes
5) Sudoku
6) Bubble Wrap
7) labyrinth
8 ) aurora feint
9) go figure
10) pocketpedia
11) WordPress
12) mobile news network

All of these apps are free. šŸ™‚
I’m hoping that the apps for sale will have trial periods so you can try them out before you buy them. At least by the time you purchase the app, you’re sure about what you’re paying for. This is why I’m begging off from buying apps for sale just yet. I’d probably try out apps on other people’s iPods/iPhones before deciding to buy anything.
I can’t say yet if upgrading to 2.0 was really worth it. I don’t think I can jump to that conclusion until I finally decide to actually BUY an app from iTunes store and deem it worthy of the price.

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