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Ending on a sad note

Everyone was in high spirits. I was semi-dehydrated and my throat was getting hoarse from screaming and singing along to the familiar tunes. The Eraserheads Reunion concert was like one big party. I was surrounded by yuppies who grew up with Toyang, With a Smile, and Pare Ko. We knew the words by heart–I was reliving the best of my youth through songs that echoed the simplicity of my life then.

The first set of the concert was enough for me. My friends were thinking that a second set was an added bonus. The band never sounded better. Most notable was the quality of Ely’s voice. It was smoother and his high notes didn’t falter. Then, while their fans patiently waited for the second set, Marcus, Buddy and Raymund stepped onstage with Ely’s sister. Her voice breaking, she announced that Ely Buendia has just been rushed to the hospital.

It was a sad way to end the evening.

The fans were understandably subdued as we stepped out the concert venue. We all wanted the concert to happen despite being aware of the recent death of Ely’s mother and his heart condition. The rehearsals and the concert itself obviously added to his stress.

This reunion concert has had enough drama. I hope that tonight isn’t the last chance I get to see the band together again. I sincerely hope Ely’s okay.

Maybe there could be a repeat reunion concert and we could get the tickets at half price. I’m keeping my ticket just in case.

  1. clare
    September 2, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    i heard he had another angioplasty…i do hope everything turns out ok.

    btw, i tagged you for something. 😉

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