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Second Food Tasting – MANILA CATERING

After literally walking through trash on Saturday morning for the coastal cleanup, my mom and I went to the Manila Catering food tasting at the Manila Ocean Park. I dropped by the OC office to shower, change and nap. Mac couldn’t come with me to the food tasting because of work so I brought my mom instead. We decided we wanted to book a caterer before the year ends so we can get a good price. I really, really don’t want to scrimp on our food budget–I’m willing to cut back on everything else but not on the food–which is why we’re seriously canvassing for caterers this early.

We arrived at the Manila Ocean Park a little before 6pm. I thought we were going to be directed to a restaurant or reception venue but instead, we were handed two complimentary tickets for the ocean park tour. My mom was completely psyched!

It was very similar to the Underwater World in Sentosa, Singapore but the tickets were less expensive. I remember paying around 20 SGD (roughly P700) for the Underwater World tour while an Ocean Park ticket sold for P400. It was an added bonus since we didn’t really expect the freebie tour. Fortunately, I brought my digital camera for the cleanup and I was able to get good pictures this time.

Manila Catering had their set ups in two different areas within the tour. I would have loved to have my wedding reception there but the price is just too steep. Aside from paying for the venue (which is already expensive), I would have to pay for my guests’ tickets. In short: unnecessary expense. Unless I win the lotto or something, the Manila Ocean Park is off of our list. 😦

We finally reached the actual venue for the food tasting. Compared to the first food tasting I went to, this one was a breeze. Here’s a round down of the positive points:

  1. The food was good. I specially loved their salads and their pasta.
  2. Service was great. We were immediately given a table and drinks.
  3. The venue was nice. It provided a great view of the bay.

Not-so-good points:

  1. I never liked the smell of Manila Bay. Since they were also selling the venue as part of the package, I was a little turned off that I had to smell the bay before getting inside.
  2. No AE from the Manila Catering approached us. As in NO ONE. The only person who talked to us was this nice girl from the Manila Ocean Park. Although I had no intentions of booking that day, it would have been nice if I got to talk to someone and asked about their packages.

Bottom line, their food was good and the price range isn’t that much different from Hizon’s. I told Mac about my misgivings with the venue but he said that if ever we decide on Manila Catering, we could easily scout for other venues. I liked their food and presentation but as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m easy to please–Mac is more picky. I realized that it’s no use going to these things without him since these are the kinds of stuff that we should both decide on.

I’m all for recommending the Manila Ocean Park tour–it’s not too pricey and it’s really worth a visit. As for Manila Catering, I’ll be reserving judgment. They delivered during the food tasting–service and food were both A+. They made the list. 🙂

  1. Ron
    October 4, 2008 at 8:38 am

    Hi, I just wanna share a Tagaytay Caterer.
    Just recently conducted a free food tasting at Tagaytay.


  1. September 29, 2008 at 2:15 pm

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