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Online Christmas Shopping

Work and other stuff made “normal” Christmas shopping almost impossible for me this year. I usually do my Christmas shopping in mid-November to avoid the rush but I was just so pressed for time.

This year, I decided to do 70% of my Christmas shopping online.

I’ve bought stuff online before; mostly books and dvds from Amazon. A few months ago, I tried out a multiply seller called bag’s buddy and bought a couple of bag organizers for my mom and myself. I loved the products and the seller was actually quite nice. A couple of friends liked it so much that I promised to buy them their own bag organizers as Christmas gifts.

Here’s a pic from the seller’s site:

I love my bag organizer (I got one in red–same as the one in the picture) because switching bags is now a breeze. Plus, my bags stopped being messy and I also stopped carrying several pouches to keep all my stuff together.

I found Vannila & Co. and Milk and Mixture through a multiply sellers thread in philmug. Both of them sell “kikay” vanity stuff–scented soaps, moisturizers, body scrubs, etcetera.

I wanted to order a lot of stuff from Vanilla & Co. but I decided to get the Blushing Foot Spray with Eucalyptus Oil and a lip balm first. I have to admit that the foot spray intrigued me. The site boasted that the spray will “Relieve your tired feet from sore muscles and odor… It will instantly relax and cool your pinkies and twinkies, leaving your whole self in total zen. Heighten your experience by spraying on your legs too. Just spritz and rub your legs, soles, toes and in-between toes to massage away tiredness and leave ’em pink and healthy.”

It wasn’t an exaggeration. 🙂

I spent a lot of money at Milk and Mixture–I bought most of my gifts for my friends there. I just loved the fudge buckets! I also bought a small bottle of Quench (a complexion mist) which is a great and less expensive alternative to Evian. Plus several bottles of hand sanitizers that smelled just yummy. I guess the seller was quite happy with me too since she gave me a container of Crumble Body Scrub for free (it also smells so yummy! My boyfriend just loves it!). Her stuff are good enough to eat!

The Fudge Bucket.

The Fudge Bucket.

Online shopping is addictive and it’s also risky. Get as much feedback as possible or try a sample order first. PAY UP and order only when you’re really sure. Having a good relationship with the sellers is important–they also wouldn’t want to waste their time with bogus buyers.

  1. Den Relojo
    December 10, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    It seems that it can be a lot of fun and convenient, but I haven’t tried it myself. Online shopping seems to simulate the experience of going to a store, which could potentially reduce the reasons to go out. Although I go to SM and Trinoma fairly often, I don’t buy much of anything, though everything seems to be virtually on sale. That could just be the scenario if I try online shopping, it will still just be a modified case of “window shopping”.

  2. December 11, 2008 at 6:53 pm

    @Den: Online shopping is quite addictive. I sometimes have to stop myself because it seems that I’m not spending that much since no actual money’s exchanged yet.
    I’m not a compulsive shopper but some of the items online are tempting since they’re “one-of-a-kind”, “hard-to-find” items.

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