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Things that annoy me during Christmas

Trust me to find things to complain about during Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong–Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. I like buying gifts and going to parties. Plus everyone’s just so freakishly nice. Even people who were vocal about hating your guts smile at you when you meet them in the hallway.

Since I’ve been overflowing with too much positive energy lately, it’s time to balance things out. Here’s a rundown of the Christmas stuff that annoy me:

Christmas carolers. Normally, I like music and Christmas songs don’t really bother me that much. Unfortunately, I’ve been exposed to the screaming variety; children who slaughter Jingle Bells and Pasko Na Namang Muli by screaming out the words and clanging on their empty milk cans and makeshift tambourines made out of tanzans. I used to be nicer; I would go out and give them coins for their effort and was later rewarded with another screaming rendition of “Thank you, Thank you, Ang babait ninyo, Thank you!” Later on, I noticed that the same group of kids were visiting our house every night, clamoring for more money like my house was the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

I also remembered how I made the mistake of giving those kids candies instead of coins. One of the kids called me “barat” while his companion threw the candies at our door, shouting expletives that made my ears pink. Ungrateful brats! I ignored them after that. My brothers and I developed a method; when we hear the first notes of their “performance”, my brothers simply turn off the patio lights and we turn up the volume of the TV. It also helped that we now have a huge Labrador whose bark’s an effective deterrent to unwanted visitors (good thing they don’t know that our Lab is such a baby).

Christmas crowds. I love to shop for gifts but I hate the crowds at the malls when the holidays are near. I’m a functioning claustrophobe; I value my personal space and rubbing shoulders with strangers is my idea of hell. Kids at malls aren’t a dream either. Seeing screaming, rowdy kids at the department stores are a constant reminder to me not to bring my own kids to the mall when they’re under five.

Waiting for over half an hour for a sales lady to get something from the stock room isn’t a fun way to spend time either. By the time she comes back with whatever it is I asked for, I would have lost interest or I would have already left without a word–my conscience a little bothered that the sales lady would probably waste a few more futile minutes searching for me. Patience was never my strong virtue. 

Travelling. I know I should be glad that gas prices are lower but I sometimes wish it went down after the holidays. Traffic’s been horrendous even on Sundays. I can’t make up my mind whether I prefer bringing my own car or commuting. Parking’s horrible and since I still don’t have my license, it seems that everyone I know who can drive won’t–they prefer to stay at home rather than take on the countless cars in the highways. That leaves me with no other choice but to commute.

Anyone who has experienced riding the MRT during rush hour would know what I mean. As the holidays approach, the cramped compartments of the MRT are a common sight. Normal symptoms will be excessive perspiration, exposure to aural disturbances and lack of oxygen. “Pushing” and self-defense skills are a must.

Racing to get a jeepney or an FX would take the skills of an Olympic athlete. The nice ones don’t get home early–ethics does not have any part in a commuting person’s psyche specially during the holidays. You chase, you shout and you jump at an already moving vehicle while carrying large bags of just-bought items at the mall or at Divi. Of course, when you finally do get a ride, you’ll have to contend with the heavy traffic that would probably double (or triple) your usual travel time. When you pass by crowds of other stranded passengers, you silently congratulate yourself.

Cab drivers. Although they should be a sub-category, I think they deserve the bold-face. Is it just me or do cab drivers seriously undergo a state of malevolence when the holidays approach?  Drivers who refuse passengers should have their professional licenses revoked. Why drive a cab when you want to travel a specific regular route? Nag-drive na lang sana sya ng FX!

Christmas Capitalists. Okay, I made this phrase up to describe anyone and everyone who uses Christmas as an excuse to “capitalize”. Let me clarify that I have nothing against people who do legit business during Christmas–those who sell cookies and stuff at tiangges should be commended for trying to earn some extra money during the holidays. I’m referring to parasites–strangers who suddenly shove an envelope emblazoned with Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your face,then ask for a donation of some kind. I mean geez, some of these guys can’t take a hint. It’s not that I’m not generous but to quote my fiance’s words “Huwag nyo naman ako pangunahan.”

Of course, there are the unexpected visitors who suddenly drop by the house during the holidays. Never mind that you don’t hear from them the rest of the year as long as they’re there on Christmas with subtle hints of “Ang laki na ng inaanak mo,” or “Ang yaman mo na siguro kasi balita ko ang ganda na ng trabaho mo.” No wonder some people literally hide away. Who can blame them?

This is perhaps the part where I should close with something optimistic by writing something like “we should be reminded about the true spirit of Christmas, yadi-yadi-yada…” But right now, I’m too annoyed to be spiritual. I guess not even the holidays can dampen my irritability.

  1. akosigundam
    December 18, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    And it’s good that you didn’t end it that way. It would just be out of place. Gasgas na rin ang “true meaning of xmas” yakity-yak e.

  2. December 26, 2008 at 12:58 am

    You write very well. Am looking forward to reading your next. 😀

  3. 클라라
    December 30, 2008 at 1:21 pm

    ayan, something in common again…pareho tayo ng pet peeves during the holiday season. 😉

  4. Candice Ramos
    May 25, 2009 at 12:26 pm

    I love reading your blog, Haze! It’s so natural and fluid… Thanks for making my time worthwhile.

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