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Right now, I am extremely pissed at the following:

Mar Roxas – for being such a douche in those campaign ads of his. (No, they are not “advocacy ads” as he claims. We’re not that stupid.) I know you’re not the only “presidentiable” coming out with ads but yours is the most annoying.

Presidentiables – Binay, Lacson, Villar, Roxas, Legarda and the rest…guys, next year pa ang election! Magtrabaho muna kayo bago mangampanya!

Nicole – for being a lying whore. You just don’t file a rape case then retract AFTER your “rapist” is convicted because you suddenly got confused over what happened. Immigrating to the country of your abuser so you can “move on” is like putting salt on the wound. I supported you! I backed you up when friends and colleagues said you were asking for it.

ABS-CBN’s coverage of the Failon case – media critics agree that ABS-CBN failed the test. Their coverage on what happened was extremely one-sided and overly sensationalized.

QCPD – overacting! You’ve just shown your stupidity and ineptness all over national television with the way you handled the Failon case.

I hate it when some people think everyone else is STUPID.


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