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Caparas is National Artist for Film…GOD Save Us!

I was listening to the Startalk interview with Carlo J. Caparas and his wife Donna, and I got so angry that I blogged.

For those unaware of what’s been happening, artists are protesting PGMA’s decision to confer the award to an official of the agency that screens the nominees of the said award (Cecille-Guidote-Alvarez), and a movie director (Caparas) whose nomination for the award has been rejected twice. (Read full article here.)

I hate that Caparas is making this into a class fight because it’s not. He is taking this so personally that he feels he has to prove that he deserves the award. What he seems to fail to understand is that people are clamoring against the abuse of power perpetuated yet again by Malacañang.

Caparas says that what’s going on is a “protest syndrome”–that people will protest against anything our president is doing. Mr. Caparas, hindi kami bobo at tanga para tumahimik lang sa isang tabi habang lantaran kaming niloloko at inaabuso ng mga taong nasa kapangyarihan. Ang iyong paghirang bilang isang National Artist ay pinoprotesta namin dahil ito ay isang lantarang pag-abuso ng kapangyarihan ni Gloria bilang presidente. Kahit ano man ang sabihin mo, wala ka sa listahan ng mga nominado ng NCCA na ipinasa nila sa Malacañang. Mismong ang mga miyembro ng panel na nag-deliberate sa listahan na ito ay di malaman kung saan napulot ang pangalan mo.

This really isn’t personal Mr. Caparas but you’re making it as if it was. You may have been an unlucky victim of circumstance but your attempt to prove that you deserve to be a National Artist makes me less empathic. Since you’re standing your ground, no matter how shaky its foundation, I think you deserve the criticisms. The truth is, you don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Brocka, Bernal, Romero and de Leon.

Caparas referred to his massacre films as justice films–to this I say “bullshit”. His films were poorly executed (yes, I watched some of them on cable) and were obvious acts of exploitation. He says that millions of people watched his movies and that in itself is proof that he deserves the award. If that’s the case then Michael Bay should have already won an Oscar.

Donna says that “award lang naman ito” which obviously showed her ignorance about the kind of undeserved honor her husband has received. Being named as National Artist is way more than that–as a layman, I would like to think that the works of my National Artists represent me as a Filipino to the world. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t want to be represented by Kris Aquino massacre films.

As a comic novelist, Caparas doesn’t even illustrate his own comics. So technically and unarguably, the honor is undeserved.

He says that he will give part of the monthly stipend he will get as National Artist to streetchildren…he has helped a lot of people in the industry…he has 400 scholars…he sees himself as an inspiration to people since he used to be poor and is now rich because of hard work…

All these prove that Caparas is probably a generous, hard working person but these do not qualify him as a National Artist for Film and Visual Arts.

We are not elitists Mr. Caparas. We say you don’t deserve to be called a National Artist because it’s the truth. No amount of dull, illogical argument can change that.

At this point, I’d like to quote a paragraph from the official statement made by Leo Martinez, Director General of the Film Academy of the Philippines, about the selection of Carlo J. Caparas as National Artist for Visual Arts and Film:

Conferring the highest award on someone who was never in the running makes a travesty of the National Artist Awards, an institution that has been looked up to, venerated even for the recognition it gives to Filipinos whose body of works or whose contribution to the Filipino people is of the highest order. We have as this year’s awardees Manuel Conde for Film and Frederico Alcuaz for Visual Arts. Both are commendable, both beyond question. It has never been done before but had the Organizers wanted to give the same award to more than one person, why not consider the other most deserving nominees. Instead, in our utter disgust, a new category was coined and the two most prestigious awards for Film and Visual Arts were conferred Carlo Caparas.

It is a pity that the National Artist Award has been reduced to a joke.

I don’t feel like laughing.

  1. August 26, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    I think PGMA should state why he included Carlo Caparas on the list. That could at least pacify some people.

  2. tanivillamora
    September 3, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    Sis, I don’t watch the news and I have no idea that Carlo J. Caparas won National Artist. Di nga artistic ang movies nya.

  3. findingnemo
    October 6, 2009 at 8:58 am

    Naiingit lang ang mga bumabatikos kina Carlo J. at Cecile sa National Artist at nalason na ang utak nila ng kanilang pagkamuhi sa lipunan.
    Desente at hindi malaswa ang lengguahe ni Carlo J at kapupulutan ng aral ang bawat komiks novels nito.
    Buhay na pruweba si Carlo J. ng isang henyo na umasenso sa buhay dahil sa sipag at tiyaga at pagpupunyagi sa buhay at hindi nananatiling kritiko ng lipunan at pasaway ng bayan na wala naming kalalagyan ang kinabukasan kung hindi sa impiyerno lang.


  4. October 6, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    @findingnemo: whatever dude. I’m not criticizing Caparas as a person. Kahanga-hanga nga na umasenso sya mula sa kahirapan. Hindi ko rin naman sinabi na walang kwenta ang mga komiks nya–magaling syang manunulat ng komiks. But all these STILL don’t make him deserving of the National Artist Award for FILM and Visual Arts. His films SUCK. It’s the simplest way I can put it.

    At sorry na lang talaga sa mga tulad kong hindi nagagandahan sa mga gawa nya. I am so sorry that his works represent me as a Filipino. As in!

  5. noy2k
    February 10, 2010 at 5:11 pm

    so who do you think deserves such award? I will have to do a deductive logic on this one. please let us know.

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