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Why I Support the Reproductive Health Bill

I strongly support the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill.

I believe that there is a need to educate people about sex and their reproductive health. I see nothing wrong in teaching sex education in schools. I would rather my child learn about sex from me and from his teachers rather than from his friends, tv shows, movies and the Internet. Ultimately, I believe that mandatory sex education will benefit the poor; those whose children do not have access to proper sex education since their own parents are misinformed. The anti-RH claim that it is the SOLE responsibility of the parents to educate their children about sex–but what if parents are misinformed? How can the blind lead the blind?

I believe that children are blessings. As blessings, children should be taken cared of properly. They should be given adequate shelter, nourishment, education. Couples who can barely feed themselves should not have 13 kids. My husband and I have stable jobs and I know we won’t be able to raise 13 kids!

There is a need to educate parents about their options for family planning. The “natural” method promoted by the Catholic Church is an option–so are artificial contraceptives. Those who are better off financially have ready access to contraceptives (except maybe in Alabang) but in most cities, health centers are not allowed to provide artificial contraceptives for the poor.

The Catholic Church may still promote the natural method of family planning but let the State give access to alternatives to everyone. A Catholic, even with a bag full of free condoms or birth control pills, can still choose to use the natural method. If a Catholic is strong in faith and believes that using contraceptives is a sin, then he is free to choose not to use them.

I believe that reproductive health should be properly allocated with funds by the government. It is among the many problems that we need to face. I do not see spending money on the improvement of reproductive health as a waste.

I am against abortion. The RH Bill explicitly states that it is against abortion. I feel that it is presumptuous of some to assume that the bill would pave the way for the legalization of abortion.

I am pro-life because I believe that the RH Bill will help improve the quality of life of families.

I am pro-poor because I believe that the Bill will be for the benefit of the poor.

I am pro-RH.


One-liners or Bakit hindi ko sila iboboto

November 2, 2009 3 comments

Let me share brief and shallow reasons why I’m not voting for these people on May 2010:

Loren Legarda – she’s from the media who didn’t do anything for the industry she came from when she was in Senate and she switched from the Admin to the Opposition party when she didn’t get her way.

Manny Villar – because he considered Willie Revillame as a possible VP candidate and is embroiled in the C-5 controversy.

Eddie Villanueva – I don’t want a religious leader to be my president.

Mike Velarde – I don’t want a religious leader to be my president.

Jejomar Binay – nakapalan ako sa mukha nya when he declared himself the “Obama of the Philippines.”

Noli de Castro – He didn’t even prove he was a good VP.

Jamby Madrigal – AYOKO NGA!!!

Richard Gordon – I admire this guy’s work but for some reason, I still won’t vote for him for President.

Nicanor Perlas – sino ka?

Joseph Estrada – he’s had his chance and he blew it big-time. (I don’t want a convicted plunderer as my president.)

Gibo Teodoro – anyone endorsed by Gloria is shit. Sorry.

Mar Roxas – because he’s now Mr. Korina Sanchez



Never say never…Why we changed our minds about Boracay

November 1, 2009 Leave a comment

My fiance and I went to Boracay about four summers ago. We didn’t like it. We thought the island was overrated–being anti-social vacationers, we detested the crowd and the noise and vowed never to go back.

Fast forward to 2009. Fiance asked me to plan a getaway vacation in the middle of October. We were both stressed out from work and we needed a break. I decided to flip out my Enjoy card and checked out the affiliated hotels and resorts. On a whim, I checked out Patio Pacific Boracay’s site. I asked my fiance if he was willing to give Boracay another try. Friends kept telling me to go there on off-season to avoid the crowds plus resorts give great promotional rates at these times.

I contacted Patio Pacific then reserved a room for 4 days and 3 nights (we booked the trip a couple of weeks before Ondoy hit). Arranging the reservations with my Enjoy card perks was a breeze. All transactions were via email. The sales rep was so accommodating and was able to answer all my questions. I personally think that our stay at this resort-hotel was what made the trip so worth it.

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SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Shame on you Jamby Madrigal!!!

August 6, 2009 9 comments

A quick post…

I’m tired and haven’t really had the time to blog (blame it on facebook games) but this cannot wait. When Jamby Madrigal announced her intention to run for president, I laughed and treated it as a joke. I’m not laughing now.

Yesterday, I was among the millions of Filipinos who watched as former President Cory Aquino was laid to rest. I noticed that there were politicians who were obviously riding on the event–that was expected. But Jamby’s actions takes the prize–walang kasing kapal ng mukha.

A certain H Appy Feraren posted a note on her facebook page about her experience. While waiting for Cory’s cortege to pass along South Super Highway, she and her mom decided to buy a couple of umbrellas from a vendor. The vendor handed them a yellow bracelet “for free”. This was what the bracelet looked like:

Here’s the original facebook post:

Now that we’ve remembered, relived and recreated the spirit of ’86 let’s make sure this yellow ribbon doesn’t get tangled up in other people’s political campaigns.

Subtle electioneering IN A FUNERAL?!?! SHAME ON YOU. Do not ride on Cory’s wave to pursue your vested interest. The people who waited in the streets weren’t there to see you! The revolution doesn’t belong to you, phony politician, it belongs to the people. And what makes you think you could get away with such a dirty trick? Cory’s lasting impression of sincerity, humility and honesty is now the benchmark of what leaders are supposed to be. You think people don’t see through you? The respect we have for Cory is not something you acquire with falsity (or through endorsement from Judy Ann Santos) it is earned. How dare you pose as someone offering sympathy to the Aquino family while you think about the votes you’re going to get come election time.

As I waited for the cortege (news networks’ new favourite word) along the South Super Highway, my mom and I bought 2 yellow umbrellas from this street vendor who was also selling nuts. And then as we paid, he pulled out something from his pocket – a yellow beaded bracelet nicely packed in a small clear plastic bag. Upon handing it over to us, he said: “Eto o, bonus para sa inyo.”Of course my mom and I were pleased and were all “awww how sweet.”Until I actually looked at the bracelet and saw a little tag with the name and photo of Jamby Madrigal.

I called out to him and asked, “O bakit may Jamby Madrigal itong bracelet na ito” and when I looked at the vendor for an answer he had already walked away.

Maybe an hour before this incident, I saw her car passing by the growing sea of people. Window open, flashing the L sign and strangely enough, a cameraman in front filming the people. My mom started shouting “Transparencyyyy!” and then I looked at her asking if I could put up my middle finger and my mom looked at me and said I should just shout transparency, accountability or good governance. In other words “BOOOOOOOO!!!!” And then the two of us just started shouting BOO JAMBY!!!

I am utterly disgusted by you, Ms.Madrigal. And to you other filthy politicians, behave yourselves because we are all watching you, even if you’re supposedly Cory’s “favorite” mayor. Genuine democracy is People Power and everything Ninoy and Cory stood for. It also means that now, whenever there’s a phony claiming he or she is there to protect Cory’s legacy, we will be able to speak up and act with the same fearless fervour we had before.

You know sometimes I wish I could march in the government offices with a magical broom that can sweep away all the dirty politicians we have in this country. A giant clean up, but this time not just for the environment but for our government. Haha, imagine if we could really do that? I’m already writing down the names of the people I’d attack first with my magic walis!

So, before you file for candidacy (a bit too late though in this case) think again. Actually, good luck! The people have remembered.

To Ms. Feraren, thanks for sharing your experience. Needless to say, a lot of us share your contempt over this.

Why I Will Vote in 2010

May 31, 2009 1 comment

There’s something wrong with the kind of democracy we have in this country. My main gripe has always been this: we put the power of the vote on the people’s hands but we let them remain uneducated. We let them make decisions that will affect the nation for all the wrong reasons. But it’s freedom in its most basic form. I can’t argue with that.

Being part of the middle class, I have a lot of complaints about the government. I realize that being part of the middle class means that the government has received a chunk of my salary before I even get my payslip. It means that everytime I shop or eat at a restaurant, I pay something to the government. Pera ko ang nagpapasuweldo sa mga nakaupo sa gobyerno.

With all the distasteful things that’s been happening in our country, I decided to finally do something. I’ve never voted simply because I don’t believe in the system. But I realized that this is the only system we have and I can’t work against it. If I want change to happen, I have to work with it.

I am finally registered to vote. It took me the entire day (and my ID picture SUCKS!) but I did it.

To those who have been watching in the sidelines, take the plunge. The middle class should go out and vote–we’re practically running the country with all the taxes we’re paying anyway.


Right now, I am extremely pissed at the following:

Mar Roxas – for being such a douche in those campaign ads of his. (No, they are not “advocacy ads” as he claims. We’re not that stupid.) I know you’re not the only “presidentiable” coming out with ads but yours is the most annoying.

Presidentiables – Binay, Lacson, Villar, Roxas, Legarda and the rest…guys, next year pa ang election! Magtrabaho muna kayo bago mangampanya!

Nicole – for being a lying whore. You just don’t file a rape case then retract AFTER your “rapist” is convicted because you suddenly got confused over what happened. Immigrating to the country of your abuser so you can “move on” is like putting salt on the wound. I supported you! I backed you up when friends and colleagues said you were asking for it.

ABS-CBN’s coverage of the Failon case – media critics agree that ABS-CBN failed the test. Their coverage on what happened was extremely one-sided and overly sensationalized.

QCPD – overacting! You’ve just shown your stupidity and ineptness all over national television with the way you handled the Failon case.

I hate it when some people think everyone else is STUPID.


Bullies in the Golf Course

January 7, 2009 3 comments

I’ve been trying not to join the blogging bandwagon lately.  I feel that there are some issues that are blogged enough. But this is one particular issue that should and must be blogged about more. Interest should be kept alive. Justice must be served and people should not stop demanding it.

Everyone’s probably aware of what happened last December 26 at the Valley Golf. Politicians and their bodyguards ganged up on a 56-year old man and his 14-year-old son over a minor dispute in the golf course. To read the blog entry of Bambee de la Paz (witness, daughter and sister to the victims), click here.

What happened to the family was both shocking and distasteful. It has proven once again what kind of people we put in power. Politicians who don’t seem to have a decent bone in their bodies–who can drag down and kick a 56-year-old man to the ground without remorse. When I saw how big those  guys were, I almost cried out. It was pathetic really; the thought that such big, powerful men would beat up a pleading 14-year-old and a 56-year-old man over a minor dispute. They’re nothing more than bullies–bullies with bodyguards.

It’s a good thing that the story has been finally publicized by the mainstream media. The family has filed a case against these dastardly politicians and I say good luck to them! The DAR secretary went on TV last night and said that he had no intentions of resigning over the incident. Ang kapal ng mukha! He’s a public servant and common decency dictates that the most acceptable thing for him to do is to resign from his post. His sons should do the same.

I suddenly remembered. Bastos nga pala ang pamilyang ito. They have no idea what the word decency means.

To the de la Paz family, rest assured that a lot of people–people you don’t even know–are backing you up. Keep up the fight. Those big bullies deserve to be put in jail where they belong.